Postponement of Deadlines in myDATA, the POS Registry, and the Withdrawal of Special Secure Fiscal Device for Data Marking (ΕΑΦΔΣΣ).

With an announcement, AADE (the Independent Authority for Public Revenue of Greece) notified the postponement of deadlines in myDATA, the POS Registry, and the withdrawal of “Special Secure Fiscal Device for Data Marking” (ΕΑΦΔΣΣ).

Specifically, for the year 2022:

  • Billing expenses, self-invoicing income: Until 31.12.2023
  • Omission – Deviation in data transmission: Until 31.1.2024
  • Adjustment entries for revenues – expenses: Until 31.1.2024
  • Retail income via ERP or Special Registration Form: Until 31.3.2024
  • Mandatory use of QR code from 1.1.2024 for documents issued with ERP
  • The possibility of transmitting 2022 and 2023 expense data using Document Type 14.30 for cases where the recipient has objective difficulty in transmission

You can see the announcement in detail here.